TorGuard VPN March Update and Offers

TorGuard Update:

As our team continues to roll out new improvements we want to keep everyone informed on the latest app updates, server locations, and bug fixes. TorGuard’s new UI has just been released for Chrome and Firefox browser extensions and is also available for download on iOS. TG developers are working hard to complete the design overhaul on Android and Desktop while maintaining TorGuard’s well-known cross-platform compatibility. We will share additional information on these updates in the near future.

Here are some upcoming features that will be live in the coming weeks:

  1. New TorGuard App Interface on Android, Windows, macOS, and Linux distributions.
  2. Upgrading our Wireguard API to remove the expiry limit on Wireguard configs for third party clients like routers.
  3. Upgrading all popular VPN locations to 10G connectivity.
  4. Implement a Killswitch on iOS.
  5. Implement split tunnelling on iOS.
  6. New iOS VPN Connect widget and Apple Watch app as seen below:

Bug Fixes:

We have patched some bugs in our next release and thanks to valuable customer feedback future updates will continue to rapidly improve. Here are the bug fixes included in this current release:

  1. Fixed TorGuard tray icon from disappearing in some scenarios on Windows, macOS, and Linux.
  2. Fixed occasional reconnect issue with OpenConnect when VPN tunnel connects after hibernation/sleep mode.
  3. Fixed missing settings icon on select Android TV boxes.

New TorGuard Add-ons:

In addition to dedicated IP services, we are now offering a “Dedicated VPN Instance” in select locations for all business and consumer VPN plans. A dedicated VPN instance comes with an exclusive dedicated IP and firewall along with unlimited bandwidth on your very own dedicated line. If this is something you or your business is interested in please contact us at This add-on feature will also be available in the member’s area and checkout at

PrivateMail Promo:

Over the past few months, we have quietly improved and this latest release has proven to be a feature-rich and dependable platform for email and file sharing security. We are committed to adding new features to PrivateMail and are working tirelessly to ensure it becomes one of the most secure email platforms on the market today. In case you were unaware, here are some features now offers:

  1. Strong Email and File Encryption with complete Anonymity when sending and receiving email.
  2. Send a self-destructing email: an email that will delete itself after a period of time or after the user has read it.
  3. Create secure shareable links to files – password protect files or secure with OpenPGP encryption.
  4. Share protected streaming video and audio files.
  5. Create temporary throw-away email addresses (coming soon.)
  6. Use Yubico Keys to add another layer of security.

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